Why Are Insects Attracted To Light?

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If you spend time outside sitting on the porch during a summer evening, you have probably seen insects flying around street lights. They come naturally towards this light. Unlike humans, pests such as flies, wasps, mosquitoes can see UV light.  However, identifying the real signs of this pest, and taking Pest Control Chermside service can keep these flies away from your home.

But have you ever wonder why they do like lights so much? If no, then you will know more in this article.

What Scientists Are Saying About These Attractions?

Although flying insects such as flies and moths are well familiar with this behavior, scientists have not been able to figure out exactly why bugs always come near light. There is still debate among scientists about why flies attracted to light.

Some say they use light as a safety signal, some believe they come because of darkness in the surrounding.  Other scientists suggest that light sources help them to navigate and help them escape from predators. However, some say pests come naturally attracting towards the light, and some hate light. We don’t have a simple answer to this but let us see some of these.

They Use Light To Navigate

Moths and other pests use light to travel at night. So they are automatically attracting to bright light. However, have you seen cockroaches, ants around light? There are few pests cockroaches and ants particularly fear of strong lights. While insect uses natural light such as the moon or the sun as a navigator. So, when they see the porch light, unfortunately, they are confused and continued to encircle towards it.

Light Emits Heat

Many flying pests attracted to artificial light source because it emits heat.  Yes, generally artificial light emits radiation, which makes bugs comfortable in cold weather conditions. And they keep buzzing around the light source.

They Are Looking For Food

Insects will not fly toward somewhere they cannot see. Hence light sources help them to search for their food. Also, they know other insects are there too so they come to finish their hunger.

Bugs Are Trying To Escape From Predators

Another reason why we find pests near to light is they try to escape from the predator. Light acts as a familiar safety signal, rather than flying in the dark where predators are waiting for them, they directly head towards the light.

Hopefully, you also get some idea why they are always present near the artificial light source. Whether it is mosquitoes, flies, or bugs in your home or outdoor premises, talking to a pest control Chermside professional will help a lot. There are professional who uses special light technology to trap these pests.