The Most Common Types Of Rodents That Infest Your Home

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals, and multiple types of rodents are present across Australia. Identifying them, on the other hand, is the first step in getting rid of them. In order to address current infestations, it is essential that you hire a pest control Chermside to investigate the property correctly. By doing so, you are giving your home a protective layer that can prevent future infestation also. This article will detail the types of rodents present in your home and the threat they carry with them.

Types Of Rodents In The Home That Commonly Invade In Your Home

House Mice: 

House mice are the most common mice found in residents of Australia.

Their body is covered in short brown or grey colour hair, and you can identify them by their slender body and large ears. Their body is shorter than the tail, and typically tail and ear also bear hair. 

They like dirty, dark, and sheltered areas to hide. So, to prevent house mice infestation, keep an eye on cleaning. 

Roof Rat:

Roof rats are dark in colour, and they build their home in the upper parts of buildings. In addition, they have a long thin body which helps them climbing trees and buildings quickly. They typically live in colonies and reproduce rapidly.

If you hint at a significant rodent infestation in your home, contact a licensed pest control Chermside professional, as it is not a do-it-yourself job.

Norway Rat:

They have a long, heavy body and a bi-coloured tail. In addition, Norway rats have a blunt nose, small ears and mostly invade the basements, garage of the buildings.

To prevent Norway rat infestation, seal all holes and crevices along the foundation and place debris far away.

Are Rodents Dangerous?

Yes, rodents are dangerous for both your health and the property.

Health Damage:

  •         They transmit a wide variety of diseases like plague, Hantavirus, jaundice.
  •         Their urine and feces carry bacteria and cause allergic reactions in some people.
  •         Also, they carry disease-causing pests such as ticks, fleas.

Property Damage:

  •         They damage furniture, cabinets, books, clothes, and many more things in the home.
  •         They make themselves comfortable in-home by creating a hole and do structural damage.
  •         Sometimes they cause fires and water damage by chewing through wires and pipes.


In order to exterminate rodents from your property, you need accurate identification and a treatment plan. If you find mouse infestation in your home, it is best to contact a rodent exterminator near you to deal with the problem to the earliest. And when you look for someone who is reliable in dealing with pests, Chermside professionals are unbeatable.

Why Are Insects Attracted To Light?

If you spend time outside sitting on the porch during a summer evening, you have probably seen insects flying around street lights. They come naturally towards this light. Unlike humans, pests such as flies, wasps, mosquitoes can see UV light.  However, identifying the real signs of this pest, and taking Pest Control Chermside service can keep these flies away from your home.

But have you ever wonder why they do like lights so much? If no, then you will know more in this article.

What Scientists Are Saying About These Attractions?

Although flying insects such as flies and moths are well familiar with this behavior, scientists have not been able to figure out exactly why bugs always come near light. There is still debate among scientists about why flies attracted to light.

Some say they use light as a safety signal, some believe they come because of darkness in the surrounding.  Other scientists suggest that light sources help them to navigate and help them escape from predators. However, some say pests come naturally attracting towards the light, and some hate light. We don’t have a simple answer to this but let us see some of these.

They Use Light To Navigate

Moths and other pests use light to travel at night. So they are automatically attracting to bright light. However, have you seen cockroaches, ants around light? There are few pests cockroaches and ants particularly fear of strong lights. While insect uses natural light such as the moon or the sun as a navigator. So, when they see the porch light, unfortunately, they are confused and continued to encircle towards it.

Light Emits Heat

Many flying pests attracted to artificial light source because it emits heat.  Yes, generally artificial light emits radiation, which makes bugs comfortable in cold weather conditions. And they keep buzzing around the light source.

They Are Looking For Food

Insects will not fly toward somewhere they cannot see. Hence light sources help them to search for their food. Also, they know other insects are there too so they come to finish their hunger.

Bugs Are Trying To Escape From Predators

Another reason why we find pests near to light is they try to escape from the predator. Light acts as a familiar safety signal, rather than flying in the dark where predators are waiting for them, they directly head towards the light.

Hopefully, you also get some idea why they are always present near the artificial light source. Whether it is mosquitoes, flies, or bugs in your home or outdoor premises, talking to a pest control Chermside professional will help a lot. There are professional who uses special light technology to trap these pests.

Should You Hire Professional Pest Control Service Or Do It Yourself?

Do you want to stop the invasion of pests in your home? Well, there are only two ways- choosing professional pest control services or do it yourself. Both the methods have their own pros and cons and therefore a decision always lies in your hand.

But if you are unaware of the difference let’s find out the major ones below.

To know the difference, keep reading.


It is the most crucial factor to decide whether you should choose to professional pest control Chermside or do its own. For Instance, if homeowners are working from home or office, they usually don’t have enough time to maintain hygiene standards in the home by DIY. However, someone who is free and has enough time can easily handle it.

And if you haven’t hired pest control services before, you should do homework on pests and their methods to kill them. It would be best if you determined each factor before coming to the final decision.

Infestation In Home

Another major factor you have to consider for the final decision. Check how many types of insects and the amount you have to deal with. Is this a seasonal or regular problem?

For example, if you see lizards and cockroaches occasionally, you can easily choose DIY methods. While, if you just have a frequent problem, then it is a must to stop this and choose professional pest control treatments.

Unseen Intimidation

If you see hidden threats like termite, you should hire expert pest control services near me. Otherwise, you are playing with the safety and life of your home and even the folk who lives inside.


For most people, the way of deciding professionals and do it own is expenses. Professionals will charge only for the hard work and space they have to cover while doing it yourself. You have to bear a lot of stress, invest money in methods, and more.

In some cases, hiring professionals are cheaper than DIYs as you have to invest in spray, chemicals, pest type chemicals, and many more

Seasonal Changes

The final decision often depends on seasonal needs. For Instance, termites usually attack in the summer and spring seasons. Moreover, the summer season also welcomes more pests to invade your home. So you need to deal with them own.

If there is winter season, you can opt for professionals to make the house space cleaner, hygiene, and germs-free.

Final Verdict

Now you know the reasons, so figure out on your own whether you should choose pest control Chermside or do it yourself. However, if you need the best clean and simply a great home to live in; only professionals can make it happen. So, think wisely.

Deal with The First Signs of Bed Bugs in 5 Simple Steps

Without a question, bugs are disgusting pests, and like most insects, everyone wants to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible. Whether you find bed bugs on your bed, in your suitcase, or hidden in your clothes, your initial reaction is to get rid of them and discover how they got into your house. On that note, you begin to wonder if it is possible to get rid of bed bugs in one night. 

Pest Control Chermside wants you to know that there is a wealth of information available online nowadays, including products, DIYs, and suggestions for getting rid of bed bugs. The truth is that anything other than hiring a professional pest control company is going to be useless. If you’re a frequent traveler, be cautious since bed bugs can move with you without your knowledge or hide in old furniture. The procedures outlined below can assist you to speed up the elimination process while also potentially lowering costs.

Discard Unnecessary Clutter

It’s essential to get rid of any unneeded clutter that might accumulate over time and attract additional bed bugs, so get rid of old magazines, books, and newspapers. Bed bugs are drawn to darker corners in addition to warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide. Plastic containers are a better choice than cardboard containers, for storage since they are less prone to harbor pests.

Clean the Infested Place

To kill bed bugs and bacteria, wash all bedding and clothing at the highest temperature possible. When transferring, place objects in sealed plastic bags and then seal them clean in new plastic bags. Remove and clean all fabric window coverings and hardware. Vacuuming and cleaning the floors should be done on a regular basis.

Be Aware of Your Bed

To keep bed bugs at bay, keep the bed 6 inches away from the wall. All bed linens, including sheets, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, and mattress pads, should be washed and dried at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer. To reduce shedding, make sure they have zippers and are of good quality. Check under your bed and get rid of anything you don’t need. To prevent the infestation from spreading further, keep the items you want to keep in the same room.

Make it Difficult for Bed Bugs to Hide

Check for any cracks or fissures in the baseboards and caulk as needed. Make sure the wallpaper is in good condition and that any wall damage has been repaired. Confirm bed bug presence by inspecting plugs and wall switches.

Call for Professional Help!

Seek assistance from your local Pest Control experts. Work with the professionals to ensure that they have access to cupboards, walls, and spaces surrounding fixtures. Professional bed bug exterminators will identify infestation indicators and devise a comprehensive, specific treatment plan to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs quickly.