4 Types Of Borer Hiding In Your Home

Borers are other common pests who infest the home, they generally attack wooden furniture or wooden items. You must have very costly wooden items in your home and to save your costly wooden items from being damaged. For that you need to remove them as soon as possible by doing borer control. But, before you need to know about their species that commonly infects at home. By doing or understanding their species, you will be able to identify them and do the right thing for pest control.

There are 4 types of borer that hide in your home. So, we are going to discuss them in this article.

  1. House longhorn beetle: House longhorn beetle is one of the most common borer species which invades the home. The scientific name of the house longhorn beetle is Hylotrupes Bajulus. They are around 8 to 25 mm long in length. They are black or brown in color and they also have gray hair. So, they are one of the longest-living pests, they live around 3 to 11 years and they eventually infest timber roof space. If you have this species of borers in your home, then, you will get some signs like severe damage in timber wood and their larvae endorse a huge amount of bore-dust. Also, they can cause very disastrous damage to your home, if they have infested your home, then, your home is at severe risk. You should do borer control as soon as possible.
  2. Powder post beetle: Powder post beetle is also one of the common species of borer that invades at home. Their scientific name is Lyctus brunneus, and they are almost 1 to 7 mm long in length. Their body color is dark brown and their larvae generally look white in color. This species of borers take around 9 to 12 months to develop properly. Then they live up to 3 months. Now, what signs you will get with their presence? Generally, this species of borers attack dry wood which is not treated with any kind of chemicals or fully rich with starch. Some favorable woods they thrive in are Ramin, Rubberwood, Merbau, Jelutong, Penarahan, and Kempas. If you have this species living in your home and also their favorable wooden items in your homes, then, it would be better if you do pest control immediately because disaster is knocking on your door.
  3. Wood boring weevil: Wood boring weevil borers are around 5 mm long in length. They are also one of the common invader borers which you can find in your home. They have a cylindrical body with very short legs. And they usually attack damp wooden items. So, if you have any damp wood inside your home, then, save it by doing borer control.
  4. Common furniture beetle: Anobium punctatum is the scientific name of this species. They are very common, their infestation should never be avoided. They are 4mm long in size and they live around 3 to 5 years, during their lifecycle, they can make your home nothing but hollow. So, do hire local pest control to remove them from your home.


So, these are the 4 types of borers, you can find hiding inside your home. If you find any species inside your home, their removal is important for the safety of your wooden items, if you are unable to get rid of them on your own, then hire Local Pest Control Services to remove the borers.

Some of the exceptional benefits of choosing Pest Control Services

Are you facing pest issues and don’t know the exact ways for removing them? Well, there is nothing to worry about as Pest Control Chermside services are there to help you.                    

The expert pest controller knows how to tackle any type of pest without making you go through troubling situations. However, pest control companies from Chermside provide a complete solution for eliminating pests and control their presence around your property. There are numerous benefits of professional pest control helping in complete elimination of pests.

It’s true to say that pests cannot be eliminated with simple DIY methods as pests can tackle basic techniques. Most importantly, if correct preventive measures are not followed then a small pest infestation will turn into a bigger one without even letting you know.

Choosing Pest control services offers you many advantages and pest removal needs the utilization of professional methods that ensures there won’t be any pest recurrence. In addition, professionals have years of working experience and know-how to start the process. You must check out the complete background of the Pest Control in Chermside before hiring.

What are the benefits associated with Pest Control Chermside services?

  1. No stress equals Peaceful Living:

A peaceful living is important for good health conditions. Moreover, your health conditions can experience certain infections if preventive measures are not following for removing pests present around. After turning off the lights pests begin to create a nuisance. Also, these dangerous pests can even bite you for drinking human blood. Choosing professional pest control facilities will ensure complete pest elimination and allows you to live a stress-free living.

  1. Peace of Mind:

The thoughts emerging again and again that what will be the result after touching a cockroach after entering the kitchen. Well, the good news is that you can easily prevent such thoughts by hiring a skilled pest controller as they work to ensure you reside in a secure environment.

  1. Countering Allergies:                  

Few pests like rodents, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc. spread dangerous infections and allergens. Thus, choosing a professional pest controller will prevent such dangerous health-related issues as dengue and malaria. The usage of strong chemical solutions removes pests and offers complete protection against harmful impacts. Besides, the safe atmosphere lets you to live a healthy living.

  1. Prevents Negative Impacts:

The dangerous pest bite can cause different allergic reactions around the human body. Pests like spiders, mosquitoes are some of the main pests when considering health-related infections. Moreover, choosing professional pest control services will keep away the complications. In case bitten by any of the mentioned pests then you must reach out for medication assistance.

 At last, if you have the desire to choose pest control administrations then get your appointment book today.

Deal with The First Signs of Bed Bugs in 5 Simple Steps

Without a question, bugs are disgusting pests, and like most insects, everyone wants to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible. Whether you find bed bugs on your bed, in your suitcase, or hidden in your clothes, your initial reaction is to get rid of them and discover how they got into your house. On that note, you begin to wonder if it is possible to get rid of bed bugs in one night. 

Pest Control Chermside wants you to know that there is a wealth of information available online nowadays, including products, DIYs, and suggestions for getting rid of bed bugs. The truth is that anything other than hiring a professional pest control company is going to be useless. If you’re a frequent traveler, be cautious since bed bugs can move with you without your knowledge or hide in old furniture. The procedures outlined below can assist you to speed up the elimination process while also potentially lowering costs.

Discard Unnecessary Clutter

It’s essential to get rid of any unneeded clutter that might accumulate over time and attract additional bed bugs, so get rid of old magazines, books, and newspapers. Bed bugs are drawn to darker corners in addition to warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide. Plastic containers are a better choice than cardboard containers, for storage since they are less prone to harbor pests.

Clean the Infested Place

To kill bed bugs and bacteria, wash all bedding and clothing at the highest temperature possible. When transferring, place objects in sealed plastic bags and then seal them clean in new plastic bags. Remove and clean all fabric window coverings and hardware. Vacuuming and cleaning the floors should be done on a regular basis.

Be Aware of Your Bed

To keep bed bugs at bay, keep the bed 6 inches away from the wall. All bed linens, including sheets, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, and mattress pads, should be washed and dried at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer. To reduce shedding, make sure they have zippers and are of good quality. Check under your bed and get rid of anything you don’t need. To prevent the infestation from spreading further, keep the items you want to keep in the same room.

Make it Difficult for Bed Bugs to Hide

Check for any cracks or fissures in the baseboards and caulk as needed. Make sure the wallpaper is in good condition and that any wall damage has been repaired. Confirm bed bug presence by inspecting plugs and wall switches.

Call for Professional Help!

Seek assistance from your local Pest Control experts. Work with the professionals to ensure that they have access to cupboards, walls, and spaces surrounding fixtures. Professional bed bug exterminators will identify infestation indicators and devise a comprehensive, specific treatment plan to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs quickly.