How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Hotel Business?

When it comes to entertaining visitors, hoteliers have a lot on their plate. But with frequent travelers and bed turnovers, unwanted bed bugs will easily find their way in. Experts wished to share some insights on a few precautionary steps that will help hotel owners avoid severe financial consequences and protect their image.

Train The Housekeeping Staff On How To Find Bed Bugs

The housekeeping staff is most likely to detect the first signs of an infestation. The presence of bed bugs at various life stages, bloodstains, and their feces are among the early warning signs. The sooner your team detects a bed bug infestation, the easier it will be to locate and eradicate bed bugs.

Educate The Front Desk Staff On How To Address Guest Concerns

Since the hotel front desk is the first point of contact for a bed bug complaint. In order to respond effectively and professionally to the situation, the reception staff needs to be well educated. To cope with the problem of bed bugs, the hotel must have a policy in place. This will entail the assignment of a different room in a section separate from the one originally assigned. Concerns about their luggage and travel bags, as well as any other concerns that the guests may have, must be answered immediately.

Use Pitfall Traps For Early Detection Of Bed Bugs

Any strong bug traps can be used in hotels. The pitfall is the most popular type. This trap is intended to capture certain bugs, as the bedbugs cannot escape while inside due to the smooth walls. The traps can also be used as a preventive measure to hunt for bed bugs in hotel rooms. Canines that have been qualified to spot bed bugs may even be hired by hotel managers.

Schedule Routine Inspection

To detect an underlying infestation before it spreads, hotel furniture, bedding, and walls must be inspected regularly. Bed bugs will breed in cracks and crevices in walls and headboards. They can also breed in the folds of curtains and the seams of couches and chairs. All electrical equipment, carpets, crown moldings, loose wallpapers, wall hangings, and mattress seams must also be inspected. 

Hire Professional Bed-Bug Eradication Experts

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. Their existence will make or break your guests’ willingness to return to your hotel. Hotels that do not want to jeopardize their income and credibility should employ a skilled pest control service in Chermside. To remove the current infestation and reduce the risk of a potential infestation, Professional bed bug treatments can include insecticide applications, vacuuming, or steam cleaning. If you are looking for a Pest Control Expert to inspect your hotel, a Pest Control in Chermside can help you with their best services.